Emilie Layla Lovaine. Photographer, Blogger & Creative. Designer at www.lovainestore.com. Freelance marketing, social media and content creator within the Fitness, Health, Travel and Lifestyle sector. Personal Trainer, Model at MOT Models, London. One of the UK's leading Fitness, Travel & Lifestyle bloggers. With over 40,000 followers, and 1.6 million youtube hits.

Press/ Featured In: 

Client List / Blogger Collaborations  

- Urban Outfitters
- Adidas 
- Nike
- Boohoo
- Asos
- Free People
- Roxy
- Billabong
- Misfits
- Hyatt Hotel Group
- Med Sailors
- Bjorn Borg
- Argos
- JD Sports
- GymBox
- Reebok
- Irish Ferries
- Up and Go UK
- Give Kitchen
- Virgin Active
- This Aday
- The Training Room
- Polar Fitness Watches

With over 6 years of experience as a social media and marketing manager within the lifestyle and boardsports market, I have been lucky enough to work along side and represent some of the industry leaders within the surf, fitness and lifestyle sectors. I love being able to offer not just my social following and audience that goes hand in hand when working with a blogger, but I am able to offer you my creative skill set and marketing knowledge when working on marketing campaigns, content briefs, social strategies and blogger partnerships. I only work with brands I feel represent my DNA and lifestyle. If you would like to work with me you can contact me on lovaineblog@gmail.com


When you start off with very little, you know the only way you are going to get something or get somewhere is by working for it, things don't just happen. They say you should work harder than you think you did yesterday, so thats what I try to do everyday.

My life has always pulled me in to many directions, and I'm always pushing myself to follow where ever it takes me, to learning new things, travelling to new places and to constantly grow and create. With photography to music, design and marketing, training, chasing waves, playing shows...people always tell me I should focus on just one thing, but just remember that you can do anything you put your mind to...Don't limit yourself to just one thing, one passion, one career. You have the time, so be passionate, be driven, get excited! Let it fuel you, when it's 3am and you can't sleep as your mind is running wild with ideas, or when you have that feeling, that impulse, act on it, put trust in it, in yourself, in your ability. If you want it, its yours.

The back story: How did I get to where I am now?

After being offered an unconditional offer and scholarship, I enrolled to study Fashion Photography and Advertising at the University of Wales in Newport. Whilst studying I started assisting with some of the top Advertising photographers in London, as well as being offered an Internship as a Stylist at InStyle Magazine (sadly I couldn't afford to take it) Throughout my course, I shot for a large variety of international magazines, and worked with a number of designers, covering London Fashion week, as well as making it as a finalist in the European Professional Photographer Of The Year Awards. Being a self taught musician, in a successful rock band, and with a large online following (over 1 million hits on youtube) I was also lucky enough to work as a tour photographer, with some of the leading music labels, joining their bands on tour and documenting their shows. Throughout University I documented my life online, (University was expensive and defiantly out of my budget) so I taught myself social media, and how to market myself early on to help get paid work to fund my studies. 

After University I went on to work as a Fashion Photographer and Stylist for the International Magazine Surfgirl. With my variety of passions and growing online following, I was noticed by the global brand Roxy. Roxy launched a global creative marketing campaign, looking for 3 new Roxy girls to join their global athlete team. Out of over 12'000 entrants I won the European space, and gained sponsorship with the Brand. I was lucky enough to travel across the world, modelling in brand campaigns, surfing some beautiful waves, and be able to showcase my journey across my social channels. 

I was also hired as a Marketing freelancer at the Roxy European head office in France, where I worked on collection and brand campaigns, creating and shooting content, and I was also the official Roxy European Blogger.

Whlist with Roxy, I was head hunted by the GSM group (The Billabong, Element, RVCA and Two Seasons Group) they offered me a full time role, solely in charge of social media, marketing and events at there UK 2S office, looking after the 24 UK Two Seasons and Billabong Stores, as well as being signed as a European Billabong Ambassador. I sat within that role for a year, growing there social presence by over 80'000 and driving brand presence online and in store, hosting in store events, meet and greets and athlete signings with some of the UK's and worlds biggest musicians and skaters, before changing role and being promoted to work along side both the e-commerce and retail marketing team for both the UK and Europe offices.

Whilst working full time, I launched my blog Lovaine, and even though I was working full time in an industry I loved, I still felt like there was more that I could be doing, which is where Lovaine Store was born. I got a tax rebate and decided I would invest in some materials, after perviously taking part in a Jewellery making workshop on the North Shore of Hawaii with Roxy, where we designed, soldered and polished our own pieces, ever since then having my own line was something I'd always dreamt of. Lovaine Store started small, and I used my knowledge and experience with the fashion/surf industry to build it piece by piece. From starting with just one bracelet to where I am now, with 2 full collections, selling to customers all over the world! From the UK to nearly every state in america, brazil, mexico, australia, new zealand, europe..I get so excited when I see a new order come from a country I've never shipped to before. I have a picture of a map in my office and I love trying to fill it! I never thought I would be where I am today.

In January this year I made the decision to finish my full time marketing and social media job, to focus on my blog, Lovaine Store, and work freelance as a content creator and photographer for brands and clients. It's been such a great transition being able to combine all my passions along side my blog, work with some amazing brands, and create great content along the way, and its defiantly been the best decision I have ever made. Currently I live just outside of London with my best friend and fianc√© Jon James (Read our story here) who works as the full time advertising photographer and studio manager, working between both the French and UK offices for Billabong & Two Seasons

I love working and creating content with brands, being able to offer not just my social following and audience that goes with working with a blogger, but I am able to offer you my creative skill set, working on marketing campaigns and social strategies, and also be able create, video and photographic content. 

I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I have been given, all the brands I have been able to work with, and all the beautiful people I get to meet everyday!

Thank you for reading, 
Aloha. Emilie Layla Lovaine.


1. How old am I? - I am 26, although I still get asked for I.D when buying flu medicine! 

2. How Tall am I? - haha I love how much I get asked this! The most common thing people say when they meet me is...'Oh I thought you were taller?!' I'm 5ft 3

3. What surfboard do I ride? I used to always ride a 9ft log, but I always felt like I couldn't control it in the water, let alone on land! Now I have 2 boards I favour, my custom 6'2 mini nose ride by The Water shed and a 5'10 Harrow by Hawaiian Soul Surfboards

4. What camera do I video and photograph with? I shoot most of my work on a Canon 550D with a 50mm 1.8 lens, I also use Jon's 5D Mark II.

5. where did I train to become a personal trainer? I was lucky enough to get sponsored by the UK's leading PT school The Training Room to do my course. I took part in their 6 week fast track PT course, and landed my dream job as a PT a week later. For anyone looking to become a PT this course is amazing!

6. why do I eat mainly plant based? I suffer with a condition called endometriosis, which has had a pretty destruction effect on my everyday life and health, I've spent far to much time in hospitals, doctors offices, having countless tests, and not to mention being prescribed a cocktail of medication that did nothing to help my condition, but also bring along there own list of side effects, so I decided to take my health into my own hands and look into naturally healing, and really re-educate myself on the importance of nutrition and eating a plant based diet, which has been vital in helping me improve my condition and quality of life. 

7. how did Jon and I meet? Jon was actually my house mate in my first year of uni. We were put into a mixed flat of 5, and Jon and my room were opposite each other. We were also on the same course so we spent nearly every day together for the next 3 years! Before eventually falling in love. It's a pretty incredible thing being in love with your best friend. (Read our story here)

8. How can we contact you? Email me at lovaineblog@gmail.com or via Twitter/Instagram @Lovaine_James

Any other questions? Just leave a comment below :)

A Selection of Photography and Styling work I have shot for pervious clients, designers, magazines and musicians. All Photography by Emilie Layla Lovaine.


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