Sunday, 14 February 2016

Plenish Cleanse

I recently got sent a 3 day juice cleanse from Plenish to try out. If you follow me on Instagram (@_lovaine_) you will already know I'm a pretty keen juicer! Throughout various areas of my life I have incorporated juicing into my diet, and seen the benefits first hand. When my Endometriosis symptoms would flair up, I would choose to take shots of juiced ginger to help decrease my nausea and also help fight inflammation, and when I suffered with a very painful stomach ulcer (which was brought on by my old medication burning a hole through my stomach lining) rather than opting to have more tablets that also came with their own list of side effects, I decided it was time to look into natural healing methods and take my health into my own hands, and this is where my interest in health and nutrition began. I started researching into the benefits of juiced red cabbage for healing stomach ulcers, I read various medical reports, and doctors notes comparing the results between natural methods against medication, and I decided there would be no harm in trying it, and of course if it didn't work the medication would still be there waiting for me as a last resort.

For 2 weeks I  juiced and drank 4 cups of red cabbage everyday, and I know what your thinking...that can't taste nice?! and your right, it defiantly didn't, but my stomach ulcer was that painful that I knew I would be willing to try anything if it would help heal it, and heal it it did! So knowing how beneficial juicing has been to me in the past, I was pretty excited to take on the Plenish 3 day juice cleanse, and even more so knowing the taste of a red cabbage would be no where in sight! My Plenish Cleanse consisted of 6 juices:

1. Lift // 8am - Pear, Cucumber, Romaine, Spinach, Kale, Basil, Broccoli and Lime
2. Calm // 10am - Pineable, Apple, Mint, Aloe Vera
3. Boost // 12pm - Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Romaine, Cucumber, Pear, Lemon, Ginger
4. Kick // 2pm - Lemon, Red Chilli, Lime, Coconut Nectar, Filtered Water
5. Pump // 4pm - Beetroot, Carrot, Cherry, Lime, Filtered Water
6. Build // 6pm - Cashew, Vanilla, Dates, Cinnamon, Himalayan Salt, Filtered Water

At the start of each morning you are allowed to have hot water with lemon, and one thing I would advise is to make sure you have it! I find on my juice cleanses I tend to get quite cold, so starting the day with your hot water and lemon is a great way at helping you warm up and start the day feeling refreshed. You are also advised to drink water between each juice, and again I also opted for hot water instead of cold also. One thing I noticed was how I didn't actually feel hungry, the juices serving sizes are pretty generous, and having one every 2 hours, along with water breaks in between, you feel pretty satisfied. I really enjoyed my 3 day cleanse, my favorite juices were the Calm, Kick and Build, but they all tasted delicious! And thank's to their heavy vegetable content rather than just fruit, I found myself feeling pretty balanced, thanks to their high complex carb content, giving me a slow energy release throughout the day, in comparison to the sugar crashes you tend to get with the more fruit based juices on the market.

My Plenish Cleanse Tips:
1. If you plan to exercise while on the cleanse, make sure to exercise first thing in the morning
2. Drink hot water between your juices to help you regulate your body temperature, and keep warm.
3. For your last juice of the day, the Build. I chose to have half at 6pm and then save the last half just before I was going to bed. I'd also have it warm, which tasted amazing! and pretty much straight after finishing it, I was ready to go straight to sleep!

I really enjoyed my 3 day Plenish Cleanse and thanks to Wholefood's being just round the corner at my new work, when you hit that 3/4 sluggish hour in the afternoon, the Plenish KICK juice has become my perfect pick me up, to help me get through that afternoon wall! What's your favorite juice combination? and any questions about trying a juice cleanse just let me know in the comments below! Lovaine x


  1. My sister is keen on juicing so I'll have to send her this post, it's quite informative. The only thing I usually have is hot lemon water in the morning!


    1. Thanks Lima! Love hot water and lemon in the morning. Thanks, hope your sister enjoys reading it to! xx

  2. i love juicing and have been trying red cabbage for my ibd!

  3. I love juices. I will have a look at Wholefoods when I am there next and try this one out.

    1. You will love it! Let me know how you get on :) xx

  4. I need to add more fruit and veg to my diet and think juicing would work for me. It's amazing how it helped your stomach problems.

    1. Thank you lovely! It's such an easy way to get a good hit of extra fruit and veg into your diet if that's something you struggle with! xxx

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