Monday, 26 October 2015


On Thursday I was invited down to London by Adidas UK, to launch a unique new movement   #ENERGYRUNNING. I was told to keep an eye out in the post for the second part of my invite to arrive, but it wasn't just any ordinary invite, a pair of Adidas ultra boosts, 3 stripe leggings and a neon running top landed at my door, along with a note "your kit is your ticket, see you tomorrow" the clues didn't give much away, it was safe to assume we would be running but that was all we knew!

I arrived in South London, along with 21 other runners, consisting of some of the top fitness bloggers, athletes and magazine editors from Women's Health, Cosmo and Elle.. I defiantly had to pinch myself, I couldn't believe I was one of the lucky few to be invited! The room was electric, filled with nervous energy as we all waited to find out what the evening had instal for us.

We were split into 3 teams and told we would be running to a secret location, before moving onto stage 2, where we would have to complete 4 different fitness challenges against the other 2 teams. I was put into a team with Fitness Bloggers Zanna Van Dijk, AJ Odudu, Sophie Levett, Noel Carroll (from race the tube) and 1Rebel trainer Melissa Weldon, along with our team captain Paul from Adidas. We took to the pavements in our matching #ENERGYRUNNING gear, and set off to find the secret location for stage 2 of our challenge.

Our route took us through the streets of Peckham, where we were led to a car park in the centre of the high street which had been transformed for one night into the ultimate #EnergyRunning playground.
Split into four levels, we tackled a variety of fitness challenges;

Level One – CHARGE. Footballer John Swift introduced a unique agility challenge all about fast footwork. We were challenged to get from one end of the venue to the other whilst avoiding roaming spotlights that, if they were tagged by, would send them back to the beginning of the level.

Level Two – CIRCUIT. At level two, we met sprinter Jodie Williams, and a UV lit energy obstacle course. Testing endurance and stamina, we took on a circuit of tires, hurdles and slalom poles as many times as possible in a ten minute time window.

Level Three – SURGE. On the third floor, we met sprinter Ojie Edoburun, who led us through Surge, an uphill 40m sprint challenge. Our pace was put to the test in a challenge that tested our speed, technique and power.

Level Four – UNPLUG. Personal trainers from London fitness collective 1Rebel were with each of our teams throughout and on the final level of the event they led a warm down session to finish the running experience.

It was one of the most electric challenges Ive taken part in! Having your team by your side, we pushed each other though each level, trying to score as many points as we could against the other teams! After completing level four, we were lead to the rooftop to finish the evening with a photo shoot, along with the most incredible view of the City skyline I had ever seen. #ENERGYRUNNING is a concept, inspired to challenge you, drive you, excite you, get you out of your comfort zone, to new routes, places, heights, and distances. Grab you crew, lace up and see where #ENERGYRUNNING takes you. A big thank you to Adidas UK for having me.


  1. This looks frikkin' awesome!! Love Adidas! Quite fancy trying Race The Tube as well…

  2. You girls look fierce! X

  3. Your such an inspiration Lovaine! xxx


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