Sunday, 6 September 2015


Week 3 of my Personal Training course with The Training Room was focused on getting us ready for our first two theory exams. With our Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology, followed by our principles test. Monday and Tuesday was spent with our heads down in pure revision mode, ensuring we were all up to speed ready for our exams on Wednesday. Our tutors had also put together revision packs for us, and I spent the evening before our exam in my favourite coffee shop, going over each section, just making sure it was all fresh in my head. Wednesday morning arrived and we were greeted with our first exam! Anatomy and Physiology level 2: A 40 question multiple choice paper, which we had to complete within 90 minutes. Followed by our Principles Level 2 exam paper, which also followed the same format. We were warned in advance to make sure to double read the questions, as sometimes the way they are worded can throw you off, so we all made sure to take our time. Being a more creative person, when it comes to theory, it isn't something that comes naturally to me, even though I revised heavily for the exam, I really had no idea how the exam had gone, I just had to hope for the best, and wait for the results to come in on Friday!

Week 3 continued with our Corporate Partners Business Day, where managers from leading gyms in London came in to talk to us about their experiences working within the gym and fitness industry, what to expect when applying, interviewing and working in a gym, and they also gave us there honest opinion and advice on the what laid ahead for us.

It was really interesting to hear first hand from people who were currently doing the job we were in training for. We met a manager from Fitness First and The Gym. They took us through clear expectations from working hours to pay rates, looking at everything from starting your brand and putting together your business plan and launching your personal training business. We also looked at marketing, and how to not just get clients but also retain them. It was defiantly one of one my favourite days so far, and it got all of us excited about what was waiting for us at the end of the course.

We ended the week with our first CPD qualification and practical, as we took on a day of Gym based boxing! This was such a fun day, especially having some semi professional boxers in our class, the boys were excited to get stuck in, and it was a nice break from the theory side of the course. We spent the morning learning the technical elements, looking at specific boxing targeted warm ups, moves and sequences, then moving onto teaching our first class, and putting together our own session by the afternoon. Working with your classmates is great, as it allowed us to be able to offer each other help and feedback as we were putting our classes together, and teaching our own session. Everyone was excited to pass their first CPD! We also got the results for our Level 2 theory exams...which I was excited to find our I'd also passed.

Week 4 brought us onto our second CPD practical, starting monday off with a full day of our Spin Instructor qualification, and this was the day I had most been looking forward to. When I'm at home I do 4-5 spin classes a week and knowing we were doing our assessment on the monday, I had the weekend ready to prepare the tracks I would be teaching my class too! We spent the morning going through the different elements in a spin class, looking at working in time with your music and working your clients through a range of different movements and resistance levels. We then had the afternoon to put together our own class, and get ready to test drive it out on the class for our practical exam. For my session I chose Reincarnation by Camo & Krooked, working with the music I chose to put my class through sprint intervals. I had a lot of fun teaching the session and was so stoked to get my qualification at the end of the day!

At week 4 we were also greeted with a whole new selection of study manuals, as we were introduced to Anatomy and Physiology Level 3! This week was spent mainly in the class room as we got to grips with the next level of theory, and getting us ready for our next exam the following week. We left the classroom behind by friday for a day of fitness tests, as we were put through our paces, taking on the bleep test, and a variety of other fitness challenges. We ended the week with a new revision pack and our Level 3 mock exams, for a weekend of study.  

Week 5 (just gone)has been a bit of a blur! We started the week with a revision day, going over our mock exam from the weekend, highlighting on any area's we needed brushing up on before our test the next morning. Tuesday arrived and we were challenged with our Level 3 exam, following the same format as pervious with a 40 question, multiple choice paper to be completed in 90 minutes.
After the exam we were introduced into Sports Nutrition, an area everyone in the group was really looking forward to! Then introducing us into our final practical exam, pairing us up with a client, who we would be writing a nutrition and training programme for, bringing together all the elements we had be taught throughout the course so far. Come wednesday it was safe to say our minds were defiantly feeling a slight brain overload, so Rich (another PT in training) and I decided to blow off some steam, so we headed to Airhop - trampoline park just outside of London! For a study free evening of was defiantly the little break we needed. We spent the remainder of the week going through our nutrition study books, getting us ready for our nutrition exam in Week 6, finishing the week with our 3rd CPD practical assessment, with our Circuits qualification. We got to put together own on circuits class and teach it to the rest of the group, as we were assessed. It was great to finish another week with another qualification and CPD down! As I head onto week 6, I know this is going to be the busiest and hardest week left...with my final practical, nutrition, outdoor circuits and Level 3 retake exam left. Wish me luck! and head on over to @lovaine_ on instagram to follow my journey with The Training Room.

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