Sunday, 16 August 2015

TTR Week 1/2

Recently I started my journey to becoming a Personal Trainer with the Training Room, as I enrolled in their Level 3, 6 week fast track course in Camden. I have just finished my second week and cannot believe how much I have learnt in just 10 days! The first thing I will say, when embarking on the fast track course, I defiantly underestimated just how much there would be to learn. For someone like me that hasn't looked at an anatomy book since I was 16 (10 years ago) getting back into the rhythm of being in a class room environment has defiantly been a shock to the system, but by the end of week 2 I can safely say I've started to find my feet, and I am honestly excited and surprised by all the information I have managed to learn, and even find myself excitedly reciting it back to my boyfriend!

Our first week started us off slowly, as our course tutor Nick eased us into our new schedule and introduced us to our first training instructor manual - the anatomy and physiology for exercise. We covered the Bones and muscular systems, which tied in nicely into our first practical sessions in the gym, as we worked from head to toe, going through what each exercise worked throughout the body. As the first week drew to an end, we were all reciting bones and muscles like a second language, tapping fellow class members all over their bodies testing each other. We celebrated the end of our first friday by hitting one of our Tutors Spin and circuits classes, and as Nick reminded us, it would be us teaching these classes in just 5 weeks time! 

As we moved onto the second week, we went deeper into our workbooks, covering the circulatory system, respiratory system, energy system, and nervous system. This is defiantly were my brain started to struggle, but thanks to our tutor Nick and way the classes are structured, it gives you the opportunity to really break down what you are being taught, and go over it with your class mates.

From week 2 the practical side really increases to, we started work on our client programmes, where we got to design a 20 minute gym based workout, focusing on cardio and resistance exercises to meet a clients needs, implementing all the information and knowledge we had been taught in the last 2 weeks and putting it into practice, from health and safety, to ensuring we were assigning the right exercise to meet our clients goals.

We ended the week with 2 mock exams, giving us a chance to see what theory elements we needed to work on, and then taking part in our first practical exam, where we had to preform our client programmes on a fellow class mate, and be marked on our performance, knowledge, health and safety and teaching skills. Working face to face with a client was so much fun, and defiantly where we all excelled, with all of us in our class passing our first practical exam!

As we go onto week 3, we start the first of our theory exams, wish us luck! and don't forget to follow my journey with The Training Room on Instagram @lovaine_ 


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