Thursday, 30 July 2015

PureGym Playlist

When I go to the gym, and even more when I'm setting off for a run, one thing I can't leave my house without is my headphones and latest playlist ready to get me through my workout. My friends at Pure Gym recently got in touch to let me know about their: Pure Gym Playlist Competition, giving you the chance to WIN:
  • First prize: Maxi Nutrition bundle worth £500
  • Second prize: Fitbit Zip and a £100 voucher for Sweatshop
  • Third prize: Fitbit Zip and a £100 voucher for Sweatshop       
So I thought it would be fun to show you what I'm currently listening to, to help get me through my workouts! When it comes to my workout playlist it's defiantly very different to the music I enjoy in my spare time or compared to the music you need in a high intensity class. Being a musician I listen to a lot of heavier style rock bands, but when it comes hitting the gym in my own time my music taste couldn't be anymore different! My gym music tends to be quite calm, with a steady beat, especially if I know I'm going to be hitting one of the running machines or stair masters, I like my music to have a nice rhythm that I can pace along with and keep me relaxed, and this playlist defiantly does that! 

What do you guys like listening to? Head over to and show them what gets you through your workouts!


  1. That’s a fantastic playlist and I would love to add some of these songs to my Workout Music playlist. The music should be chosen in accordance to the type of workouts. Some workouts need slow music where as some need to have energetic playlist. You have done a great job by sharing these ideas here. Thanks!

  2. It is common for most of the people to have a dedicated songs' playlist for their workout session. Going through your playlist was a great pleasure as I also got some new songs to add to my playlist. A person should prepare his list of songs depending on the workout he is doing. The secret behind listening to songs while in the gym or going for a run is that they give us the required motivation to complete our exercises & push ourselves to end of our limit. Besides, after workout music helps in relaxing the body. Thanks to the author for sharing such a wonderful music list.
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