Thursday, 30 July 2015


Recently I was invited to celebrate the launch of Core Collective - A new fitness destination in the heart of Kensington, at their exclusive bloggers event. We were invited to test drive their 3 signature classes, followed by a post workout brunch, where we got to sample their in house juice bar and food menu.

From stepping into the gym the first thing you will notice is the beautiful, clean aesthetics, I'd compare it to that feeling you get when you have just stepped into a luxury spa - you get that instant wave of calmness wash over you and then when you meet Heloise - the face behind Core Collective, you feel like you've just stepped into a home away from home! Heloise makes you feel effortlessly welcome and you defiantly forget the main reason why you are work out! 

Our morning was split into 3 workout tasters, giving us a sample of the different elements core offers... and let me just tell you now the idea of a taster doesn't quite cut it for the workouts the trainers put us through!

We started out with an Accelerate Class run by the head PT James. Described as "A straight-up spin cycling. Low impact, high energy spinning for 45 minutes. Soundtrack and instructors to match" I can honestly say that before doing the Accelerate session, spin classes have been something I have ALWAYS avoided, so I was defiantly nervous stepping onto the bike! It was a completely different workout to what I'm used to but I loved it! We left the class dripping with sweat, trying to keep our legs from buckling under our body weight (not even trying to sugar coat it, it was tough!)

We then went onto a Resistance Class "A 45 minute TRX session where stamina meets strength. work your whole body with hundreds of exercises" If you follow me on Instagram (@Lovaine_) you know TRX is one of my favourite workouts to do, and the class was by far the best TRX session I've been put through! Even if they did make us do 3 sets of deep TRX jump squats...the pain was defiantly worth it!

We then moved to the Velocity Class "A 45 minute high intensity, athletic interval training, with fitness, function and flexibility" If you are going to try any class at Core I would recommend this one! I absolutely love circuits and I always believe you can last through any workout station for 60 seconds no matter how hard it is, because its only 60 seconds right? I always make sure to hit my least favourite station first, that way you can always move onto the next one with a little confidence boost, as there is nothing worse than getting through the first 10 stations, going full speed and then getting to your least favourite one when your already tired, so my advice? get it out the way first! I also loved the group element of this class, working in pairs really helped having the person next to to you pushing you through! I teamed up with my workout partner in crime Flo from @swift_eats.

After the session we all headed upstairs to the dinning room/lounge area, where an amazing healthy brunch spread was laid out for us, consisting of super smoothies, protein pancakes and yummy fruit salads. The perfect after workout treat! I've been to so many gyms and tested such a variety of different classes, that sometimes it's hard to separate them apart but we defiantly all left Core Collective with a new favourite fitness temple! 

Want to try it out for yourself? head over to 
and sign up for your first FREE class!


  1. I love sport! Nice blog dear!

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