Thursday, 4 June 2015

Feral Surf

Jon and I recently went to Le Pin Sec in France, to stay at a Tipi surf camp. We perviously came across Feral surf tours online last year when looking for Tipi getaways, but thought it was a bit pricey! It wasn't until we saw it on Groupon for half the price we decided to book! First tip - always have a look on Groupon when looking for holiday deals, we went at the start of the season too (May) so if you are thinking of going defiantly keep your eye out, and the great thing about going at the start of the season is we pretty much had the beach to ourselves!  

Jon and I are really easily pleased, so when it comes to holidays we look for value for money over everything else! When we book a holiday our main concern is how easy it is to get from were we are staying to the beach, as you don't want to be walking to far with your suit and board, especially as Jon literally cannot see anything without his glasses, so the closer the better haha. The tipi camp is literally a 3-4 minute walk over some sand dunes to the beach, it was defiantly the most convenient place we have stayed out of all the surf trips we have been on, and the tipis and beds provided were awesome! Defiantly a step up from our standard tent camping, surf trip days, and we were really lucky to be greeted with not only amazing weather, but amazing waves to! 

Altogether on the camp there was around 20 of us, Jon and I paid £250 each for 6 nights accommodation, including airport transfers, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The kitchen staff we amazing at providing me with a Vegan option everyday too. One thing to mention regarding the airport transfers - we booked flights that arrived into france at 7am - with the idea our transfers would pick us up, then it would be an hour journey back to the camp, and we would then have the whole day to surf, as theres one thing I think most people hate, is how much time you waste traveling to/back from holiday! So we booked our flights to be as time efficient as possible, so much so we event slept at the airport the night before to catch our 5.30am flight, but sadly when we were met by the camp drivers around 8am, we were told we wouldn't be heading to the camp until the other guests arrived, with the last person flying in around 2, so they said they would be dropping us in the city and we had the morning to do want we wanted... safe to say we were disappointed. If we had known in advance we wouldn't have booked our fights so early, so the first day was pretty much wasted waiting around for the other guests to fly in - so when booking, if your airport transfers are included, its worth checking if you will be taken direct to your accommodation, or if you will be waiting for other guests to fly in, that way you can try and book your flight inline with theres to save time if thats the case.

Normally Jon and I take our boards with us when we head away, but with Jon having a 9ft longboard sometimes it can be a bit of a pain to travel with, he contacted the camp in advance to check if there would be a board he could rent similar to his while we were there, and were told they had plenty, so Jon left his at home, but when we arrived there wasn't actually a Longboard for Jon to use... the only longboards at the camp was a broken one, and also one of the surf coaches, which guests couldn't actually hire so Jon was a little disappointed, as he would have brought his board along if he had known, so always make sure when heading to a surf camp that they do have equipment that is suitable for you. Surfboard hire and suits aren't included in the price at the camp so it's worth budgeting that into your daily expenses if you don't have your own equipment. The camp also have a bar, where you can buy drink, food, beer and also book extra lessons and day trips, and everything goes onto your own tab which you can pay at the end of the week.. BEWARE - its worth keeping a note of your tab yourself, as the staff will tell your one price but you will notice another price on your tab..this happened a few times, more down to staff not communicating with each other enough I think. They also don't take euros, they ask you to pay in British pounds at the end of the week, when nearly all of us had drawn out euros. So just a few things I felt like I should point out from our stay at Feral, with just a few little negatives which every holiday will have (and I wanted to be as honest about our stay as possible) but apart from that we did have a really great time! We made some awesome friends and the staff were really amazing, the cook Ellis, surf coaches Nick and Simon and the beautiful camp helper Anna, made our holiday! The vibe of the camp was amazing, it was like being apart of a big family, and there is something going on every night, and I'm not going to lie... staying in a tipi and getting to surf everyday was a dream! I would defiantly recommend Feral surf tours to anyone wanting to book a surf holiday, Le pin sec is suitable for all levels of surfers, its such a great beach, perfect for beginners and the more advance surfers, and the surf coaches skill levels are insane! You will defiantly be in safe hands. Oh and one tip... pack running shoes! Next to the camp is the most beautiful running route for literally miles... through the woodland, along the cycle paths! It was honestly the most beautiful route I have ever ran. You can check out my running playlist here and anymore questions about feral, or booking a surf trip just comment below :) A special thanks to Billabong Women's Europe for kitting me out for my trip! 



  1. Great post Em! Makes me want took check out groupon hehe

    1. Thanks lovely! Yes do it :) I just spotted one on there for a blue lagoon and northern lights 3 day getaway ! x

  2. I'm sleeeepy so havent read the words yet but beeeaaauuuutiful photos lady!!

  3. Awesome Camp!

  4. Sounds amazing!! Good review x


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