Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tennis Tuesday

On Tuesday I was invited down to London by the British Tennis association, for the launch of #TennisTuesday with Nike, at Paddington Recreational grounds. Even though I am terrible (and I mean terrible) at Tennis I absolutely love it! Last year my boyfriend Jon and I treated ourselves to rackets, we spent a lot of time down at our local courts, loosing balls and laughing until our sides hurt haha. So I knew we were going to be in for a fun evening, especially with my friend Flo from @swift_eats at my side.

When we arrived we were greeted by the #TennisTuesday team and film crew, along with some pro tennis players and coaches, who were there to guide us through the session,  and of course a lovely group of the UK's top health and fitness bloggers. 

We were all handed a beautiful new Tennis kit, courtesy of Nike and then went straight into a 10 minute warm up, which consisted of some running drills, throwing and catching pair work, and a lot, and I mean a lot of laughing!

We then split into pairs, picked up our rackets, handfuls of tennis balls and headed to our courts to have a rally contest. Flo is pretty competitive, so I knew I actually had to dig deep, try not to laugh and focus on hitting the ball consistently back and forth for at least a few minutes. Well that was until I hit two on lookers with my balls, after that my main aim was to just simply get it over the net and not into someones head haha.  We had a coach by our side throughout, giving us pointers and working out what level we were at, helping us with our aim and positioning. It was actually really helpful, rather than me just swinging my racket with closed eyes and hoping for the best, I was learning to be more directional with my swings and also by the end have a pretty strong serve!

The aim of #TennisTuesday is to make Tennis more accessible for women across the UK this summer, making it a place to meet girls from all walks of life, with coaches at hand to help you progress in the sport, no matter your level. I really enjoyed the session as it was completely different to the type of exercise I normally do. It was refreshing to be outside, rather than in the gym, and also with a big group of girls, laughing hysterically! With #TennisTuesday now available at over 100 venues across the UK its such an easy and fun way to get active this summer!

To find out more about #TennisTuesday and book you and your girlfriends into a coaching session, head over to to find a court near you!



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