Thursday, 30 April 2015

Raw, Chewy & Gooey Chocolate Bites

Last week I had some serious cravings for chocolate, so to curb my sweet tooth I took to the kitchen to whip up some tasty clean treats with my #lovaineeats raw, chewy & gooey, vegan chocolate bites. For some reason I have been dreaming of rolo's so I thought I'd try and make something similar. For these scrummy #lovaineeats chocolates you need: 1 ice cube try, 4 dessert spoons of Coconut oil, 1 table spoon of Agrave nectar or sweetener of your choice, 1 table spoon of raw cacao powder, 2 table spoon of Date syrup and a handful of Goji berries.

First melt your coconut oil and add in your cacao powder and sweetener of your choice - make sure to always taste your mixture first and modify the sweetness to your preferred taste, then add in your date syrup. Lastly add in your Goji berries and poor mixture into your ice cube trays and pop into the freezer.

You may wonder why I have used 2 types of sweetener - Date syrup doesn't actually freeze! It will naturally sink to the bottom of your ice cube tray and turn into a chewy, caramel style topping for your chocolates! Just leave the mixture in your freezer for around 1-1.5 hours and then once set pop out. You will also notice that the date syrup will be slightly sticky, this works great if you want to sprinkle over toppings. I used cranberry and orange superfood powder from Arctic Berries! 

I hope you enjoy my Rolo inspired #lovaineeats raw, chewy & gooey, vegan chocolate bites!




  1. These look so YUMMY! I just can't wait to try them! Thank you, Sarah xo

    1. Amazing! Let me know how you get on :) Hope you love them! xx

  2. Oh my, this looks good! Post surf treat? :) Tashi x

  3. I have been craving chocolates a lot these last couple of days. Think I am going to help myself. Great post.

    1. Yes! Defiantly whip up a batch Stella 🙊 they won't last long though! Too tasty haha xx


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