Thursday, 23 April 2015

Natural Passion Fruit Ice Cream

With the return of warmer days, it also welcomes back my obsession with Ice Cream! and let me just say...its a pretty big obsession at that. All though this summer its the dairy free kind. I've tried making different variations of the super 1 ingredient 'Nana' Ice cream bowl, but for someone that doesn't actually like the flavour of bananas, my ice cream tryouts have never come up to scratch...Well until now that is!

Walking back from work as the sun was setting, I was defiantly craving something sweet, So I stopped by the market on the way home and picked up some fruity treats, to whip up a bowl of passion fruit bliss!

To make the perfect 'nana' ice cream pop 3-4 bananas in the freezer over night (peel, and break into quarters) once frozen pop them in your blender with a dash of milk of your choice, I used 150ml of almond milk, then blend until it looks like ice cream consistency. You can then either blend in your fruit of choice to add flavour or leave solid like I did.

The passion fruit I added was so delicious, and thanks to its strong, sweet flavour, it literally melted away any sight of Banana! I also topped mine with some Cranberry Arctic Berry Powder, think of the retro ice cream sugar sprinkles you used to get but these are the healthy kind!

I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to tag your food photos with #lovaineeats on Instagram.
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