Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Last week I teamed up with Adidas UK for the launch of the new #climachill range. I was so excited, not to mention surprised when the email landed in my inbox. This was my first time training in Adidas clothing, so I was excited to see how it handled itself and learn a little more about the technology behind the collection.

So my first questions was...what was Climachill? The Climachill range has tiny titanium beads integrated into the back panels of the t-shirts. When you first put the top on you instantly feel the coldness of the beads up against your skin, it's a pretty clever idea and instantly gave me a cool, fresh feeling (it may have even made me shiver the first time I tried one on haha)

The titanium beads are used to help regulate temperature and help keep you cooler during exercise, which for those of you that know me - I am one of those people that during a workout, I end up being stripped down to just my sports bra and shorts because I  get so incredibly warm! but for the first time EVER I was managing to keep all my clothes on until the end of the session, which was such a nice relief because theres nothing worse than when you feel that dreaded fear, when you need to strip off during a workout at the gym! You instantly feel like all eyes are on you, but when your hot, stripping down is the only way to ensure you don't overheat and that you actually make it to the end of your session. So you can imagine I was pretty impressed with the addition of titanium beads and how they made such a big difference to my body temperature compared to normal.

Then came along the price tag...We all know when it comes to gym clothing it can be pretty pricey but ranging between £28-£40 the Climachill range has defiantly become one of my workout essential's for the summer!

Shop the collection online here and let me know what you think once you've tested them in your workouts!
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