Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nike X EG

Last week I was invited to the global launch of Ellie Goulding's new Tighten & Tone, NTC workout with Nike! I arrived in London at Tobacco Dock,  greeted by 300 girls all head to toe in lycra, gripping water bottles, and matched with our essential Nike footwear. It was safe to say we were ready for a workout! When I checked in I was handed a giant Nike paper bag with my name on it, inside were a pair of new flyknit, multi zoom trainers and a neon crop and vest! Even before I had a chance to get them out of the box my friends hands came swooping in, and they were like treasure being passed around haha, it was like christmas! We all got our mats, and sat ready for the workout to start but instead we were told to gather round the stage! We were greeted by Ellie and some of her session musicians, they played us a few songs, and thanks to Ellie and her calm/charming personality, it made us feel like we were all watching a friend preform, and  I think its safe to say we all pretty much forgot the reason why we were there in the first place...To get sweaty rather than enjoy a secret gig!

After the music session, we headed back to our matts and got our NTC app up and running on our mobiles - so we could share the workout live! I'd never attempted workouts before whilst having my GoPro in the other hand... but it was so much fun, and after the 3rd set of burpees I was pretty dead!

Take on Ellie's new tighten and tone workout! Just download the free NTC app and your ready to go!
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