Sunday, 6 April 2014


The only way to do LFW. In my own skin. London Fashion Week is over in the blink of an eye, theres so much to keep up with, that it is impossible to process what is actually happening. My advice? Just enjoy it. For me London Fashion Week has evolved from what should be a celebration of artists. Fashion designers that create a new skin for us to wear, providing us with new identities,  inventors to be awarded but it has been diluted and turned into some what of a circus.  I arrived at LFW on my own - not stressing over what to wear or who's going to take my picture. I turned up at somerset house, walking past the fashion excited crowds and into the small bustling cafe. Making friends with a beautiful women in her 60's, dressed in a floor length velvet dress with delicate vintage jewellery scattered over her beautiful frame.  We chatted over a cup of tea and toast, watching the crowds of fashion addicts fight over the photographers outside. Did i mention it was raining at this point? She was telling me about her life in Ireland and how John Rocha was a dear friend of hers and she comes every year to support him 'his creations are beautiful, you will just love it'  It was refreshing to come across a stranger that not only having a real conversation with me but was also purely there to support her friend and celebrate what he was doing. Compared to the crowds and many people I met throughout the day, London Fashion Week for them was a networking event - where they could work brands to get free product, find new followers for there blog or simply be there so they were able to say 'I'm at London Fashion Week' So my advice.. to anyone wanting to enjoy London Fashion Week- just remember why it started - to celebrate designers and once you know that you will truly see how beautiful the day is.


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